Have bass, will travel.

noun |ˈbās mōbəl; -ˌbēl; -ˌbīl|
• having bass and being able to move or be moved freely or easily : | highly mobile international crew of bass freaks.
• (of a club like environment) accommodated in a vehicle so as to travel around and serve various places fat bass.


Upcoming DOS.putin DJ night July 19th 2014 21:00 - 02:00 (9pm - 2am)

Upcoming DOS.putin DJ night 
July 19th 2014 21:00 - 02:00 (9pm - 2am)

For a limited time only…. 
       only 40 total shirts in existence! 
          free music 
download and free physical cassette “DOS.Vapors” tape!

Creep Jay Leavy teaches you how to make predatory passes at a teenage girl and play your CASIO™ Keyboard.


(Source: ebay.com)

New sounds from DOS.pütin :

It’s your time to compute.